Train you horse to think for himself and get you out of trouble.

If there was one type of training that could develop your horses footwork and keep you both safe, would you be interested?

I have created The Rough Ground Training Mini Course that will do exactly that and much much more.

No one wants to interfere with their horse and make it harder for them to stay on all 4 feet.

RGT will help you stay in balance and allow your horse the freedom to use his initiative and keep you safe…all at walk (trot & canter when you are ready)

The Rough Ground Training Mini Course is a series of instructional videos and a Q&A replay which outline how I have used RGT to improve my horses’ initiative, footwork and most importantly trust between me and my horses.

You can use RGT this as a regular tool that you can input into your weekly plan and enhance your relationship with your horse, increase his dexterity and best of all you don’t need any fancy facilities (in fact, for this type of training they are a disadvantage)

What does this guide include?

Rough Ground Training will:

At the end of this Course you will have a new outlook on training. 

You will be looking out for training opportunities wherever you go.

After regular RGT you will unlock your horse’s initiative which will keep you both safe and most importantly, training will be fun for you both.

Here what a few of our Rough Ground Trainers have to say:

For one time only you can Sign up for only £47