Ride with feel and deal with anything your horse throws at you!

Imagine setting off on course, either training or in competition, armed with a set of well practised tools that will enable you to deal with anything that is thrown at you with confidence and feel.

I am not promising to give you the magic pill for clear rounds BUT I can promise you that by the end of this challenge you will have the knowledge & skills required to deal with issues that are thrown at you.  You will also have a different mindset around failure.

I have made this Challenge FREE but the value is immense.  Please mark it in your diary and commit to doing the Challenges – you will gain so much from participating.


Dates for you Diary

Sept 21 – Live Zoom Masterclass with Lucinda (8pm BST)

Sept 22 – Troubleshooting Feel & Deal Challenge no1 + Live Q&A in FB Group (6pm BST)

Sept 23 – Troubleshooting Feel & Deal Challenge no2 + Live Q&A in FB Group (6pm BST)

Sept 24 – Troubleshooting Feel & Deal Challenge no3 + Live Q&A in FB Group (6pm BST)

Sept 25 – Live Zoom Masterclass and Q&A with Lucinda (6:30pm BST)

Over 5 days you will embark upon a very different training journey that will allow you to develop the “feel” that you thought was only for elite riders.