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Fantastic way to gain insights from the…
Fantastic way to gain insights from the best xc rider ever
The Lucinda Green XC Academy is truly unique
I joined the Lucinda Green XC Academy for instruction in cross country riding after becoming disenchanted with several other online programs that offered nothing besides a video library. I was pleasantly surprised to find so much more from Lucinda, including weekly interactive discussions via Zoom with Lucinda and other upper level riders and experts in related fields, from training principles to choosing tack to sports psychology; a progressive and interactive video program of Lucinda’s Greenprint principles of safer and more successful xc riding and training; and formal and informal feedback from Lucinda on every topic imaginable related to eventing. The other bonus is an entire support network of other members from all over the world, of different levels, abilities, and ambition, who celebrate or commiserate with you (depending on the day!) I’m even getting in better physical shape thanks to various challenges developed by qualified fitness instructors! I now feel like I have a program of training for myself and my horse that I can have confidence in, and a place to get help when I’m not sure of something. I’m not aware of any other online riding program that can provide this degree of personal instruction. It’s truly unique.
Tor Johnson
Worth every penny
Worth every penny, the academy has been invaluable in improving my riding and knowledge
Wendy Neath
preparing to return to eventing…
I am preparing to return to eventing after a bit of a break, and the technical training and support from the XC Academy has really taught me a lot, as well as giving me at home exercises to do which build technique and confidence
Amazing tutorials and support
Amazing tutorials and support. I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge and confidence in my riding especially in jumping. Highly recommended ⭐️
Lucinda’s Academy has been so…
Lucinda’s Academy has been so fascinating, enlightening and educational. We are so lucky that she is so passionate about both her mission and dedication to the Academy. Lucinda has so many endless pearls of wisdom herself in every webinar and she also so many great world class names and contacts in different fields of expertise she calls on for diverse wonderful interviews and advice. I didn’t enrol for the very first intake as initially on the surface (without investigating further) I thought the Academy was a fairly meaty investment, particularly as I was already a member of a prominent eventing trainer’s online members group too. However after becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of content, repetitiveness and lack of quality of the other member’s group, I decided to take the plunge to cancel that subscription and enrol in Lucinda’s Academy. I love it and have learnt so much and haven’t remotely regretted my decision once! So much better value for money for the wonderfully diverse quality of expertise and content. Even better too when you have access to the whole Academy back catalogue in the “Hub” ! Another bonus is that running and car journeys are no longer so tedious when you can log in and listen to playbacks! I would recommend the Academy to anybody who enjoys improving both themselves with their riding and their horse, and also their competition management and knowledge. Thank you so much Lucinda and Rachel!
Fantastic! Keep it up!
I signed up to the LG XC academy in Feb 2021, because Lucinda resonated with me as being a true teacher i.e. someone that has been able to learn how to convert vastly complex topics into simple concepts, a difficult voyage into simple next steps, and steer you on to the right path on your long journey of continuous improvement with our wonderful horses. My expectations have been fulfilled! It’s a lovely group of like-minded riders from all over the world, all with friendly and supporting attitudes. Since joining the Academy I have become much more focused in my own strength and fitness. I have become a much better rider and lost over 10 kg in weight. Whilst I have not yet actually evented, I have ridden to advanced level in Working Equitation (another multi-phased sport) and have since come to realise that cross country riding probably always was my biggest calling. So, after a year of learning the foundations from an expert, 2022 will be my breakthrough year! The Academy has also helped me with the training of my youngster, who is now backed and looking forward to his first XC schooling session. The group has also helped me through a very difficult few months when I unexpectedly and devastatingly lost my main horse and had to get through various other dramas including concussion from a bad fall, recurrent colic and a horse standing on three legs after an accident during turnout.
Barbara Palmer
I am an amateur rider ad have had a…
I am an amateur rider ad have had a series of set backs. The acadamy is fun , it gives a structure available to riders of any standard , inspiration , a sense of community, fascinating insights and encourages a positive constructive approach to my way forward with my pony
Michele Kevill
You will never regret joining the…
You will never regret joining the academy no matter what level of rider you are. I have really learnt so much and refreshed my memory of things that I had perhaps not worked on enough in recent times. Highly recommend.
Amazing Community!
This academy has been incredible to learn new techniques and perspectives that have completely changed the way I approach my young horses’ training! I love the positive and encouraging energy and advice from the community.
JoJo Sentance
The most amazing group
The most amazing group of like minded people, following the advice of the wonderful Lucinda and her super relented guests. Personally it is the best thing I did last year and even though eventing is difficult where I live the advice transfers to the other disciplines.
Mr Bevan
Within 6 months of joining the Academy we regained our MERs.
Within 6 months of joining The Academy we had regained our MER and had our best result ever at a higher level. I would never have believed virtual coaching would have such a huge effect on our results. The exercises demonstrated are pure cross country gold. On top of which listening to Lucinda debate a variety of equestrian topics with the elite of the sport is both fascinating and educational especially when there are differing opinions and techniques under discussion.
Stephanie James Counts
Love it!
I joined the XC Academy when it first started and have loved it! I have been able to keep up with the lessons on my own time as my schedule doesn’t always allow for me to tune in to the scheduled live zooms. I listen to them while I feed, ride, shop, drive, etc. It has really helped to keep me mentally sharp and prepared for competitions. Lucinda’s passion for teaching is so evident and she has such wonderful guests on the zoom meetings. Having the academy community has also been wonderful! We share each other’s triumphs and struggles. At a recent Lucinda clinic I was able to meet several academy members and we had a lovely time as if we had known each other for years.
Joining was my best decision of 2021
This is an amazing insite into xc riding. The interviews are so helpful and easy to listen to whenever and wherever you are as you can download them. So refreshingly achievable with top tips and plans. The community spirit amongst the members is second to none, with help and support at every step of the way. I love the green print and I find Lucinda amazing and fascinating. I will remain a member for ever!
Clare Kemp-Welch
World class teaching and hugely fun
I have learned so much since joining this academy. Lucinda is absolutely wonderful and so is Rachael, who organises everything. She has incredible world class guests – but Lucinda herself is world class and is hugely knowledgeable and helpful.
Amie Perryman
I have mixed feelings about…
I have mixed feelings about recommending this group. I love it so much and the size/people is just perfect! lol! Eventers in general are a generous, supportive group of hard core competitors and this group is full of folks who want to have serious fun! I very much enjoy the laughs and the incredible instruction and insights shared here!
Joining the Academy will be the best money you spend on yourself and your horse. The value is incredible – 4 sessions every month, each of the highest quality of content including the Q&A EVERY MONTH with Lucinda herself. If you cannot make the live sessions, everything is filed in the Members Hub for you to dip into when you have the time, and to re-watch for reminders and more inspiration. Maybe the un-anticipated bonus of the On-Line Group is the supportive community that now exists between the members – everyone has a story that someone can relate to. Join! You will not regret it!
This group is extra special!
This group is extra special! Lucinda and Rachael are incredibly informative and supportive. I really look forward to the webinars which are really friendly with direct access to legends of our sport! Sometimes I need to pinch myself as it feels like we are all sitting around a superstar’s kitchen table having a chat! Couldn’t recommend it more highly.
Mary Tearney
An Oldie’s view – something for everyone!
I joined the Academy on the first intake and am so glad I did! I no longer ride regularly (aged 70) but have a daughter and granddaughter who do so this gives me a chance to stay involved in the xc world. I believe the skill of safe cross country riding is vital to the future of both eventing and hunting. I fence judge at unaffiliated events and feel the Academy has so much to offer to many competitors. Above everything, it is fun to be a member and Lucinda is inspirational.
Sarah Clark
Lucinda’s infinite insights into cross country, both riding and how horses learn, along with her thirst to continue expanding her (and our) knowledge is something every rider can benefit from! Becoming privy to even a tiny morsel of her wisdom is a priceless privilege ! I’m eternally gratefully to her for sharing her passion as she has made me into the rider and horse trainer I am today. Thank you lucinda!
Anne-Marije Anna Worm
Many of the members are long time Lucinda fans, I however had never heard of Lucinda (*I’ve never done eventing before). But following the academy’s exercises, the interviews, her books, you can’t not become a Lucinda fan. Sounds weird maybe, but I now realise I somehow saw my horses as a tool to practice my sport, I only now start to understand the true partnership, the division of tasks between rider and horse. As an extra the academy members form a fantastic support group. I love it!
Lucinda Green XC Academy Members
My daughter and I love being members of the Lucinda Green XC Academy. It’s wonderful that Lucinda passes down her invaluable knowledge and experience and my daughter gets an awful lot out of it. We also signed up for the XC Masterclass which is definitely well worth the money. If you haven’t joined Lucinda’s Academy already I would highly recommend it.