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Attention: Feeling exhausted trying to persuade your uncooperative horse to listen?

Wave goodbye to guesswork 👋

Join our academy to gain the confidence and techniques to achieve remarkable results with your horse.

The Academy is now closed!

Real People, Real Results!

The riders that I meet want to do the very best for their horses and will

stop at nothing to do so.

Sometimes, though, they wonder if their horse really wants what is best for them.

The frustration you feel when your horse stops dead at the most innocuous fence on the course or simply refuses to jump the ditch or enter the water.  You become more red in the face as you kick and kick with no reaction.  Everyone is watching and you simply don’t know what more you could have done.

What is everyone thinking of me? 🤔

Leaving the Show Jumping with the dreaded 4 faults (AGAIN) thinking, “why can’t I just do it right the whole way round?”

“My rounds just don’t flow and I just cannot see that stride that everyone talks about”. 🤦🏼‍♀️

The gentle hack that turns out to be a spooking nightmare.

You either grip on with trepidation, shortening your reins at every leap sideways.

OR You feel the anger or doubt swelling inside you every time your horse stops dead and threatens to run backwards. You don’t want to be angry and you most certainly don’t want to be scared.

So what can you do???

The trailer ramp comes down and there she is, your brand new baby 🐴

The journey is about to begin and you are full of excitement? You tuck her into her stable/stall and a small doubt starts to nag you…

What do I do now? Am I good enough to train this gorgeous horse? How do I train her to want to do all the things that I want her to do?

Are you one of the lucky people that seem to be on a winning streak? Everything you do turns to gold and rosettes are piling up. You start to think, am I ready to move up? Am I good enough?

What if it all goes wrong and I scare myself or worse my horse?

What if I told you that help is only one click away? 💻

After decades of teaching, these problems and so many more come up time and time again. The good news is, they are not as difficult as you might think, once you know how.

I am Lucinda Green

Before this, I was lucky enough to win

And while I did learn a large amount about training horses whilst competing at the top level, it has been during the subsequent decades of teaching where I have learned the most.

It is during this time that I developed the “Greenprint” for confident jumping. It is my fundamentals, the foundation upon which you can progress as well as revisit when things don’t go to plan.

For the last 45 years I have travelled the world giving clinics and helping riders and horses develop their partnerships. Grassroots riders all the way up to Elite International Riders

I realised I wasn’t reaching enough riders and only those who could afford it so…

The Lucinda Green Academy was born

An online monthly membership where riders could access training, support and friendship from all across the globe 🌍

Could people really learn to train xc and jump online?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Since we started, 3 years ago, 1000’s of riders have signed up to the Membership or joined my courses and the feedback is phenomenal.


Don't just take our word for it - listen to what our members say

We all care deeply about our horses and are often scared that we are training them ineffectively.

The big question is…

“How do I train effectively?”

My XC training principles apply no matter what your discipline. As soon as you join The Lucinda Green Academy you are granted instant access to:

Lucinda’s SYSTEM (aka The “Greenprint”)
to train a horse to trust his rider and therefore love his job (whatever that job may be)

Life with horses is two steps forward and one step back. But the best keep pushing forward.

None of us want to hurt our horses or ourselves or mess up our plans. We want to be prepared for anything that might be ahead.

And avoid the embarrassment of the walk of shame.

I have been there.
But what keeps you going when things don’t go your way?
Answer: A proven plan that you can follow

And a dollop of support and encouragement (which is the secret sauce of the Academy)

Many people might have given up on Go On but we stuck to the Greenprint plan and look what happened – in one year he went from running backwards at anything and everything to flying round his first 3* with his ears pricked and loving the sensation.

The process I followed with Go On is exactly the same as what I teach in the Academy.

The Best Bit Is It Is Not As Hard As You Think - Once You Know How

How does the Academy work?
As soon as you join the Lucinda Green Academy,


The “Greenprint”

The gold. Lucinda’s fundamental principles and training which she has used with her own horses and in her coaching for over half a century. More than 10 videos make up this step by step approach aimed at developing the trust and confidence together with your horse throughout the levels. It is also a useful place to revisit when things go wrong.

Access a community of riders who share the struggles and are working to overcome them. Swap thoughts, explore successes and failures and dive into the fears and limitations that stop you from being your best riding self. With help from myself and my team of professionals across the world, find a safe space finally to be the rider you’ve always wanted to be.
Full access to all previous content

Priceless discussions with the best riders, coaches and course builders make up over 30 hours of “Insider Info” and “Management Monday” boasts  top experts in their field – vets, farriers, saddlers and much more.  All available in the back catalogue.

Brand new content every month
Each month Lucinda releases 4 new pieces of content. The video lesson Challenge (where you can win prizes for doing the work) and 3, yes 3 LIVEs. Insider Info, the Q&A and Management Mondays. You will have direct access to ask your questions LIVE to Lucinda and her guests. (all available on replay)
Training Challenge “learning” is important but nothing moves you towards your goal faster than “doing”.  This is why we will give you and your horse a monthly learning Challenge. Insider Info – Lucinda talks to elite riders, coaches and course designers LIVE on zoom.  October’s guest is Harry Meade
Live Q&A with Lucinda – This is your chance to ask Lucinda anything live on Zoom (all available on replay if you cannot make it LIVE)Management Mondays – This autumn we are focusing on horse & human fitness and nutrition. As well as listening to the experts you can ask them direct questions.

All of this for only:

Per Month


  • 33 USDequals =
  • 26GBP
*GPB prices are subject to fluctuation based on current currency exchange rates

Per Year


  • 330 USDequals =
  • 261GBP
*GPB prices are subject to fluctuation based on current currency exchange rates

I know, money is tight 💵

Especially for us horsey folk.  You might be thinking, is it really worth it?  That is why we are offering you an irresistible offer.  

Sign up, check everything out for 14 days and if the content is not what you are looking for we will refund you 100%, no questions asked.  You have nothing to lose.

What do I get again?

✅The “Greenprint” to confident XC and jumping generally

✅The 6 Stages to Success

✅More than 30 Insider Infos where you hear from the very best riders, trainers and course designers in the world

✅More than 30 management and mindset sessions from top experts

✅An incredibly supportive community where many friendships have been made

✅Monthly Breakout Rooms to discuss all things horse and cement your learning

But Wait - There is more.

To navigate your way through the hours and hours of content would be overwhelming, there is so much 😳

How will I ever find the time? Don’t worry, we have laid out all the most important videos in an easy to watch format and we have called it

The 6 Stages to Success

Each stage is a series of videos outlining Lucinda’s System, the fundamental training that develops trust, footwork, focus and fun.  You will be given access staggered over time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

This is exactly the same content that is in our signature course

 “The XC Course” and we sell it for $497 and you get it for FREE!

Stage 1: Developing Trust with Lucinda’s “Greenprint”.  

This stage is the foundation of all your training and should be re-visited when things go wrong. 

Stage 2: RGT & R4T
Rough Ground Training and the Ready for Trouble Position

Stage 3: Foundation Obstacles
Water, banks and ditches.

Stage 4 : Technical Fences
Corners, skinnies, combinations and angles

Stage 5: Speed
Gear changing, run and jump fences, economy of line

Stage 6: Compete
Course walking, fitness, rules, preparation, tack

Most Join for Lucinda’s training but the big bonus is -

The Community

The plan holds you on the right track but your friends give you the shove you need to keep going…

Hear what our members say


“I joined to learn from Lucinda and solve a specific issue I was having. The support I’ve received and friendships I’ve made along the way have made the journey even better! I absolutely love this Academy.”
Pip Langley

I needed a new focus for me and my love of all things horse, plus Lucinda is a long time hero of mine. The friendships are a big bonus!
Mary Tearney

I joined initially to learn from Lucinda – but that’s just one element (albeit a crucial one). The community is wonderful and the way everyone supports each other is brilliant. There is absolutely no judgement. All the guest talkers are inspirational and always happy to talk openly to us. Rachael is a total breath of fresh air and makes everyone feel welcome. The whole thing just “works” and has become very important in my life. I just love everything about it!
Mary Brown

I have always loved Lucinda’s expert commentary, but to have this wonderful insight, knowledge and experience given in such a generous and personal way is beyond amazing. Thank you so much
Janny Hockey

Okay you’ve convinced me. Clearly I NEED this Academy! But I have a question:

How long does the membership last?

The membership and Community are on going.

Can I join in my country?

Yes, we love the excitement of  members from all around the world.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.  You just need to email us on info@lucindagreenxcacademy.com.

If I cancel my membership will I still have access to the academy?

You only have access to the content if you are a paying member.

If I miss a Live, can I still watch it?

Yes, all the Lives are available on replay and are stored in your HUB for as long as you are a member.

Is the Lucinda Green Academy for any level of horse/rider?

In our membership we have riders from 50cm all the way up to 4*.  The community is inclusive and extremely supportive. Lucinda’s XC principles apply to any level of jumping and riding.

I can't log in to my account, what should I do?

Email Customer Service on info@lucindagreenxcacademy.com and we will help.

I am a show jumper/dressage rider. Can I still join the academy? What’s in it for me?

Absolutely, we have riders of all disciplines.  Lucinda’s training principles are transferable across all sports and leisure riding.

The timings don’t fit in my schedule. What should I do?

All the content is available on replay for you to watch at your leisure.

You have until Oct 2nd to join and then the doors close for a further 6 months

All of this for only:

Per Month


  • 33 USDequals =
  • 26GBP
*GPB prices are subject to fluctuation based on current currency exchange rates

Per Year


  • 330 USDequals =
  • 261GBP
*GPB prices are subject to fluctuation based on current currency exchange rates
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